Travnik, Juan
September 2023 - March 2024
Ubicación: Exhibition Hall 1

The next exhibition hosted at the Fundación Larivière is Materia, by the Argentine photographer Juan Travnik, recently awarded the National Lifetime Award 2022 (Premio Nacional a la Trayectoria 2022).

Curated by Alexis Fabry, Travnik’s latest show is a series of his most recent pieces, carried out between 2019 and 2023, showcasing one of the most enduring themes of his work: the urban landscape. With a keen sense of timing, he captures the zeitgeist of the moment, a chapter shot in color which continues the extensive series he began in the 1980s and continued up until 2010 in black and white. 

His quest, tinged with a distinctive color palette, is imbued with a power that is deceptively subtle, marked by more striking moments of crude realism, without ever forsaking his interest in carefully crafting images that are always perfectly balanced as visual constructs.

Employing the archetypical forms of his medium, Travnik takes a refreshingly direct perspective, wielding his art with consummate skill to create a series of new works unlike anything he has produced so far.